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Status: Completed

Category: Fat Loss - Female

Height: 172.72 cm / 5'8"

Gender: Female

Starting Weight: 88.5 kg / 195.0 lb

Age: 25

Latest Weight: 87.5 kg / 193.0 lb

To record a weight update, simply make a new post on /r/BTFC with the word "Update" and your new weight with the unit included (e.g. "175 lbs" or "96kg" ) in the title. Please note that empty update posts will be removed, as we'd like everyone to share their approach to the competition, and talk about their diet/workouts.

Reddit Posts

Date Link
1 Mar Introduction Introduction: Fat Loss/Female/25/5'8"/195lbs
20 Apr Update Update: 193 lbs (F/5'8"/-2 lbs)
23 May Completion Completion: Fat Loss/Female/25/5'8"/187lbs

Weight updates

Date Weight
1 Mar 88.5 kg / 195.0 lb
20 Apr 87.5 kg / 193.0 lb